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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved son and brother (by his mother and father and sisters), Wyatt Eisenhauer who was born in Pinckneyville,Illinois on June 14, 1978 and gave his life in Iraq on May 19, 2005 at the age of 26. We will remember him forever.
We hope this site will let all those who knew Wyatt learn more about him, including ourselves-we have already learned of and been amazed at many
lives he has touched that we didn't even know about.
Visitors;  PLEASE share with us stories of Wyatt, they mean so much to us !
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Wyatt had an extra measure of intelligence, an extra measure
 of enthusiasm, and three extra measures of compassion.
The Wyatt Eisenhauer Memorial Fund has been established
through which we hope to continue Wyatt's "giving". Wyatt
always felt for the underdog and loved youngsters, we hope
to find ways to help those that we feel Wyatt would have wanted to help. 

It has given us a good feeling to have awarded the
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from his commander in Iraq;
Wyatt was an outstanding Soldier, a superb Trooper of
Cavalry...........helped communication techs and vehicle
mechanics with many,many years experience through
complex repairs of his own equipment. They grudgingly
accepted his advice, and respected his quiet competence
and unassuming manner.....................I always felt secure
around Wyatt while on patrols with him, he was a professional
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We recently had a chance to visit with the men Wyatt was with
in Iraq. It is gratifying to know that Wyatt was loved and 
respected by his fellow soldiers.
because of the way Wyatt absorbed technical manuals and 
because of all that he had in his head Wyatt's fellow scouts 
had nicknamed him " IPOD".
when they learned of Wyatt's death word went around 
we have seen that Wyatt had a tremendous impact on his 
fellow soldiers and are convinced that   " IPOD LIVES " 
in their hearts as well as ours.

on May the twentieth, 2005 a local paper, the DuQuoin Evening
Call ran the following article on the front page ( I've made a
couple minor corrections)

Wyatt Eisenhauer: Hero Long Before the Uniform

Pinckneyville Special Forces Army Scout Killed
Thursday in Attack on Humvee in Iraq

by John Croessman
managing Editor
          His genius overcame a lifetime of dyslexia ( a reading and
language disability)- or perhaps fed on it. He was a hero in his
family and among his friends long before buying into a war with
no immediate end.
          Wyatt, 26, and named for his dad's motor pool sergeant
during the Viet-Nam war era, was killed Thursday morning
(actually Friday Iraq time) in an apparent attack on a humvee
"somewhere." Wyatt was driving, others were injured. The
family was notified of Wyatt's death at about 2 p.m. on
Thursday. They won't know the details until later today.
           For  Wyatt Eisenhauer, "life was always about the
other person," according to his mother, uncomfortable being
quoted about her son. Wyatt embraced privacy, but it also
unlocks a story about his great life.
           Eisenhauer is the second Perry County casualty of
the Iraqi war. Lance Corporal Drew Uhles of DuQuoin was the
first, killed in Sept. of 2004.
           Wyatt Eisenhauer, the only son among four children,
had a huge humanity about him. He wasn't afraid of anything,
hand feeding a bear at the age of five, each trusting that no
one would be hurt, or giving up his nights and weekends to
help care for a sister with Wegener's Granulomatous, an
immune system disorder whose chemo-therapy made her
sick for hours at a time. He would lay on the floor by her side
at nights and would run back and forth to the bathroom with
her when she got sick.
          He would pick his younger sister from her crib (same
sister, years earlier) and make a neat tent on his bed so she
could play.
           He was a quick study and his extreme intelligence
allowed him to master anything he looked at. Then, he moved on.
           When a Sparta theater was about to open, Wyatt peiced
together a complicated automated projection system so the
theater could open on time. In Nashville, he solved computer
software problems for a trucking company. He won first place in
a statewide diesel automotive competition. Just as he entered
the military, his dad called him about what the family thought was
a transmission problem in a car. Wyatt heard the details over the
phone and told them "no, thats not it" The family carried Wyatt's
assesment to the automotive shop and the mechanic sided with
           "His friends would sit around a campfire and talk about all
the things Wyatt knew and did," remembers his mother. "they
couldn't just sit and enjoy the campfire."
         There was always something bigger and better ahead. His
intelligence and ability to understand were gripping.
            He loved music, inspired by Pinkneyville music director
Steve Cannedy. He was also inspired by his fifth grade teacher,
Debbie Rogers, who commuted between Carbondale and
Pinckneyville elementary school.
            He soaked up everything he needed to know like a
sponge and he didn't care about social class or standing. He
loved kids from disadvantaged families. And, he got along with
kids "who had their nose out of joint." He liked them all.

Message from Visitor to Wyatt Eisenhauer Memorial Website

Name:  Ryan Miller
Relationship with Wyatt: gunner and friend
e-mail  purple_heart_oif3@yahoo.com
Content: remembrance
My name is Ryan and I was on the truck with wyatt or ike as we
called him. I am a recon sniper and the potential that ike had
was uncomparable to anybody in the likeness of ntelligence,
skill, and the ability to adapt to any situation presented in front
of him.
       There was a respect aspect I showed to ike that i wouldnt
even show generals. not that he would ask for it but he deserved
it. he had love for everyone and in no predjudice. He is one of the
greatest people I have ever met. and he will be remembered
forever in my heart and his legacy will be passed on through the
hearts of children and their children.
        I have no words to comfort the lose that has fallen upon
you.But remember even though we lost him in the physical
sense he has become immortal in our hearts, thoughts, and

  Specialist Ryan Miller

(note from fred---)   Ryan and Jimmie Dyer were on the humvee
with Wyatt when the IED exploded, both were injured

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